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Design and Engineering Support Services

Our partnership with Nokia gives us direct access to Bell Labs Innovations and their state-of-the-art products. As Nokia’s #1 Business Partner, the LightSpeed System Engineering team has the highest level of Expert Level Technical Certifications on Nokia products as well as complementary next-generation products. Together, we can design and implement a low latency and high bandwidth network based on Nokia’s industry leading products and services.

Optical / DWDM

Utility communications networks face new challenges as capacity demands increase, new IP packet-based grid applications are introduced and embedded technologies age. Utility smart grid networks continually evolve to support facility surveillance, data center interconnect (DCI) and other corporate IT functions while continuing to support existing operational technologies, such as SCADA and teleprotection. These factors and the pressure to ensure service reliability while controlling costs are forcing utilities to invest in the modernization of communications networks. Many technology choices are available to evolve the communications transport network toward a highly agile, easily scalable and efficient asset that the utility can depend on for the next few decades. The Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) provides packet transport over the optical network and time division multiplexing (TDM) to packet migration strategies.

   Nokia 1830 DWDM Datasheet
   Nokia 1830 DWDM Product Overview


Utilities worldwide are implementing Smart Grid projects such as Grid Modernization, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Communications network transformation to a highly available IP/MPLS network for mission-critical communications is a foundation to the Smart Grid architecture. Reliable communications and end-to-end service from the core to the field area network (FAN) is essential to meeting the key requirements for Smart Grid applications.

   Nokia 7750 Service Router Datasheet
   Nokia 7705 Service Aggregation Router Datasheet
   Nokia 7705 SAR HM & HMc Datasheet
   Nokia IP/MPLS 7705 Utility SmartGrid Applications

Broadband / GPON / FTTx

Broadband brings to utilities an opportunity to offer new revenue-generating services while making a positive impact on their communities. Broadband internet access is essential for communities looking to prosper in today’s connected global economy. Nokia’s broadband fiber solutions help utilities provide citizens and businesses in underserved areas with gigabit services. Broadband supports improved economic development, education, and telemedicine opportunities that enhance the quality of life while attracting and keeping jobs. It also provides the communications foundation for reliable, efficient smart grid electric services. Nokia’s proven end-to-end Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband gigabit solution enables voice, data, and IPTV services along with smart meter communications enabling utilities to deliver the socio-economic benefits of broadband to their communities.

   Nokia 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX Datasheet
   Nokia GPON FTTx Broadband Brochure

Private LTE

Utilities today must support real-time interactions with operations, employees, customers, partners and suppliers anywhere and at any time.

To address this challenge, Utilities need communications networks that provide:

  • Reliable wide area connectivity and capacity for people and things
  • Efficiency for all mission and business critical communications (internal and external)
  • Security and safety
  • Low latency, traffic prioritization and the ability to enable rapid endpoint communications
  • Agility to rapidly deploy and monetize new services and/or reduce operations costs
  • Integration of Internet of Things (IoT)

LightSpeed & Nokia believes that these requirements can be addressed with dedicated Private Wireless Networks based on the LTE standards.

Private LTE Networks, offer Utilities full control of all data traffic and applications. Unlike Commercial LTE designed to serve the masses, Private LTE networks are purpose-built for specific enterprise use cases and coverage requirements. Private LTE Networks allow customers to integrate machines, sensors, people, vehicles and things with a very high level of security, service reliability and the performance to meet the Utility’s unique requirements.

LTE Datasheet